Pacific Innovision Inc. (PII) is a technology solution provider.  Our team performs system engineering, requirement analysis, system design, technology assessment, and high-performance protocol and algorithm design.  PII offers software and system development services from project inspection through system design, implementation, testing, system integration and deployment.  Our solution has assisted many large and small companies in the areas of: networking, communication, collaboration (video, voice, multimedia), system-on-chip products, embedded real-time system and mobile platforms, complex real-time system and software integration, system and network management, information architecture and databases, analytics, and big-data applications.

Our engineering team, since 1998, is dedicated to complete all phases of the complex software and system development projects with the state of the art software and system development processes, tools, libraries and in-depth hands-on experience. PII assists our customers in all technical aspects of their products and assuring an industrial grade solution to be delivered in shortest time and at a very competitive cost. Pacific Innovision Inc. is uniquely qualified to complete production quality software and system products with several decades of proven experience.